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Vacation Home Services offered:


Private car rental, service & scooter rental*


Daily scooter rental (24-hour period) - ₱500.00-850.00 w/₱1,000.00 security deposit

Compact car rental (24-hour period) - ₱3,000.00-₱4,500.00 w/₱3,000.00 security deposit


Private car service (in and around Panglao/Bohol)* for 2 adults


To/From Alona Beach Area - ₱600.00 one way/₱1200.00 round-trip

To/From Tagbilaran Seaport - ₱900.00 one way/₱1800.00 round-trip

To/From Panglao/Bohol Airport - ₱800.00 one way/₱1600.00 round-trip

To/From ICM/Malls - ₱1000.00 one way/₱2000.00 round-trip

In-house private massages* (per person for 1 hour)


1-hour full body massage with scented oils - ₱900.00

Swedish, Shiatsu & reflexology- ₱1050.00

Aromatherapy massage- ₱1250.00

Coconut oil massage- ₱1050.00

Foot massage- ₱900.00

Foot scrub- ₱1050.00

Body scrub- ₱1250.00

Aloe Vera massage- ₱1250.00

Ventusa massage- ₱1250.00

Manicure - ₱850.00

Pedicure - ₱850.00


Daily trips & Private Tours*


All your tourist information can be found in a separate information folder in the room. We do offer private tours organized in-house. For more information and details, please speak to us directly.


Laundry Services*


Laundry services, including dry cleaning can be arranged. Laundry forms are provided in your informational booklet in your room.​




*Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Email us directly for specific inquiries.

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