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Experience Bohol

Experience Bohol and all its wonders. The island has much to offer and there is something to find for everyone. From secluded beaches in Anda to the waterfalls in Antequera to the Oyster Farms and Adventure Park in Danao, get ready to explore and be amazed. We will assist you along the way while you stay at our beautiful vacation home.

Visiting the Tarsiers and climbing the stairs up to the chocolate Hills is a must when staying on Bohol. So is a visit to the island of Balicasag and Pamilacan, a beautiful island hopping adventure awaits you. Be sure to dive or snorkel when you have a chance and be witness of an absolute breathtaking underwater world.

Sometimes the best way to explore Bohol is to rent a simple scooter and get lost. Along the way you are guaranteed to meet friendly and helpful locals that will guide you and make the adventure an unforgettable one with many great memories to take back home.

Behold Bohol.

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