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Philippine Festivals, Holidays & Events

                  Date                                               Holidays                                        Events & Festivals

            January 1st                                   News Year's Day                     Every 20th of April to May 2nd

            January 2nd                        Additional non-working day                     Saulog Tagbilaran

            February 8th                             Chinese New Year

            February 14th                               Valentine's Day                                    Every 1st of May

            February 25th                   EDSA People Power Revolution           Grand  Fiesta Tagbilaran

            March 24th                                   Maundy Thursday

            March 25th                                        Good Friday                                      Every 3rd of May

            March 26th                                       Black Saturday                                   Panglao Fiesta

            April 9th                                        Araw ng Kagitingan

            May 1st                                                  Labor Day                             Every July* up till August*

            May 14th                                             Mother's Day                                  Sandugo Festival

            June 12th                                        Independence Day

            July 1st                                                   Labor Day                        Every 27th & 28th of August

            July 22nd                                               Bohol Day                               Hudyaka sa Panglao

            August 21st                                      Nino Aquino Day

            August 29th                                  National Heroes Day                   Cebu's Sinulog Festival

            October 31st                           Additional non-working day       Every 3rd Sunday of January

            November 1st                                     All Saints Day

            November 2nd                                   All Souls Day                           Dumaguete Festival

            November 4th                                Carlos P. Garcia Day              Every November 21st-26th

            November 30th                                 Bonifacio Day

            December 24th                                     Christmas                                     Siquijor Festival

            December 25th                                  Christmas Day                          Every October 3rd-4th

            December 30th                                      Rizal Day

            December 31st                                      New Year's

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