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House Rules

In order to provide you with a safe, relaxing, quite & enjoyable environment, we would kindly ask you to adhere and follow our rules and regulations listed below:


1. Check-in time is 3PM & Check-out time is 12PM. You may request an early check-in or late check-out time.     

(availability depends on occupancy)

2. Payment is due in full once the reservation is made (depends on option choosen). We accept cash, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card through PayPal- no account required and bank transfer (international & local).


3.We kindly ask you to be a conscious and responsible visitor and always shut-off lights, air-con, fans, TV, music, etc. when leaving the apartment.

4. The establishment operates from 7AM-10PM.

    (Requests can be made accordingly outside the hours of operations if needed)

5. The swimming pool is open from 7:30AM-10PM. DO NOT USE the pool during pool cleaning/maintenance.


6. ALL guests are responsible for their own safety including children. Management is not responsible for any accidents or misbehavior by the pool and advises ALL guests that NO lifeguard is on duty and pool is to be used at own risk.

7. Guests are responsible for their own belongings and are encouraged to use the provided safety deposit box to store any valuables, passports, cash, etc. We are NOT responsible for ANY lost/stolen items.

8. We strictly adhere to quiet hours after 10PM. Please keep noise to a minimum, including music, TV, etc.

9. Guests are provided with a room & gate key to enter and exit during their stay.

    You are responsible for your keys. Lost keys will be charged with a fee of ₱3,000.00.

10. Parking is provided within the premises and is FREE of charge.

     We are NOT responsible for ANY parked vehicles/motorbikes.

11. Guests are allowed to bring visitors during opening hours. All visitors must register at the lounge with management. Visitors of guests are also allowed to use the pool for a fee*.

Guests may NOT let their visitors stay overnight. If caught, an extra overnight fee of ₱1,000.00 will be added to the bill.

12. Outside food & drinks are allowed. We kindly ask you to always store your food in a safe place using appropriate containers to avoid attracting insects.

13. Housekeeping services are provided daily from 8AM-5PM.

14. Towels & Linens are provided. In the event of damaged/heavily stained or missing towels or linens, guests will be charged accordingly.

       (Towels ₱1000 / linens ₱2,500.00 / pillows ₱1,500.00 / pillow case ₱750 / duvet covers ₱4,500.00)

15. Shall you request a service such as, tours, motorbike rentals, private car service and/or massage services, etc. please try to do so in advance in order to avoid delayed waiting times. (if possible, 24 hours in advance)

16. The apartment is equipped with many luxury amenities, incl. HD TV, smart controler, bluetooth, etc. In the event that ANY items are broken (by accident or not), guests are responsible to replace such items.

17. The apartment is equipped with smoke detectors/fire extinguisher. DO NOT tamper with these items at any time. Penalty fee of ₱5,000.00 will apply if tempered with.  This also applies to the bathroom water heater and the internet router located on the balcony shelf.

18. WIFI is FREE of usage. Coverage area may depend on signal and device. Please be advised that due to unreliable service on the island we cannot guarantee internet/phone reception at all times.

19. In the event of a power loss “brown-out”, for more than 2 hours, the generator will be used to provide simple necessities for fridge use, fan and water. We apologize for the noise in advance and ask for your understanding.

20. Guests are advised to close all windows and doors while air conditioner is in use; failure to do so may lead to condensation water dripping from the indoor unit onto other appliances and therefore damaging those.

The guest(s) will be responsible for any damages caused by not following this rule.

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