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About us

International Hotel Consultant Specialist and Tourism Management Adviser Living on Bohol...

I first visited the Philippines with my father in the year 2009. Ever since the first vacation on Bohol I was drawn to the beauty and peace the Island has to offer.

It didn't take long to make a decision that would change much of my life.

In June 2012 my father and I moved from Germany to Bohol and have lived here ever since. He has been married to a filipina and is fulfilling his life's dream to retire in a warm country. 

Now a successful resort owner with an eye for perfection, he continues to pursue his goals without a pause. 

And for me.....and my girlfriend....?

Having graduated from a well known Hotel & Restaurant College in the US in 2008, I continue to strive for my goals and dreams as well. My girlfriend graduated with a degree in Tourism Management. With both of us having a vast background in the industry we understand what it takes and how to manage it the best way. We love to travel and explore new cultures. Having been all over the Philippines and many countries in Asia as well as the rest of the world, we concentrate and put our energy, taste and experience into the house and also the apartment. Having a garden oasis with plenty of space was always our dream.

After 13 months of construction, sleepless nights and much patience, we completed our little paradise home in 2014.

With much empty space to put to good use, we decided to create a luxury living space for others to enjoy.

Being able to share this beauty is worth every penny in our eyes and we are happy to let others be part of it.

We proudly present to you "Casa Cataleya Bohol", luxury studio apartments with a touch of home and finesse.

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